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Order The 5 Treatment Total Care Program and Let Us Take Care Of It All Season For You.

We offer a comprehensive lawncare service to make sure your lawn looks great all year. We control the pests, weeds, patches and other issues that attack your yard all season long so you don’t have to. A healthy, beautiful lawn and landscape can increase your home’s value as much as 15%.  We can help you have the lush lawn you desire.  We partner with you to make sure we’re achieving the same goals. +Learn More About Our 5 Treatment Program

Add new life to your lawn with core aeration and overseeding

Core aeration creates a perfect environment for seed germination. Introduces new and improved grass varieties. Improves lawn density and color. Fills in thin areas and bare spots. Rejuvenates older lawns. Improves insect and weed resistance. + Learn More About Core Aeration & Overseeding


Get The Weed Guard Program

Wherever unsightly weeds are a problem… mulch beds, flower beds, sidewalks, patios, gravel areas, play areas, etc. our Weed Guard 3 treatment program can take care of it. + Learn More About The Weed Guard Program

Fight those pesky pests with Pest Control

Some of the scariest bugs that will ever invade your home are also the sneakiest. You never hear them coming, then they’re dangling in your face, or crawling across your floor. Rankin Lawn Care offers a perimeter pest control program that applies two insect barrier treatments outside your home, applied around your home’s entire foundation. + Learn More About Perimeter Pest Control


Don’t worry about grubs this coming season! Order our grub prevention treatment.

In recent years, grubs and other lawn damaging insects have been a serious problem in Ohio lawns, particularly last year. Beautiful healthy lawns suffered extensive damage in just a few short weeks. While not all lawns suffer from grub damage year after year, we encourage you to not take a chance. Protect your lawn against unsightly and costly grub damage this coming year with our grub prevention treatment. + Learn More About Grub Prevention

We Can Control The Fleas and Ticks in Your Yard.

As awareness has grown about the harm ticks and fleas can cause, so has demand for our flea and tick control program. Our flea and tick applications are environmentally friendly, and safe around children and pets. A treatment lasts six to eight weeks. We have customers who have standing appointments for flea and tick treatments. It’s that important to them. It should be important to you. + Learn More About Flea and Tick Control

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