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At Rankin Lawn Care, we are licensed and carefully trained to make your outdoors flea free! In addition to fleas, our treatment program will also rid your lawn of ticks. Ticks can cause Lyme disease,* which in 2012, was the 7th highest reportable disease, behind sexually transmitted diseases, salmonella, strep, fungal disease, and the flu. Worse, Lyme disease is underdiagnosed, so an infected person can feel chronically sick, but not know why. As few twenty-five years ago, so little was known about this disease and its effects, the Lyme Disease Association was formed in New Jersey by a group of doctors and patients to fund research and increase awareness of cause and effects of this ubiquitous disease.

As awareness has grown about the harm ticks and fleas can cause, so has demand for our flea and tick control program. Our flea and tick applications are environmentally friendly, and safe around children and pets. A treatment lasts six to eight weeks. We have customers who have standing appointments for flea and tick treatments. It’s that important to them. It should be important to you.

Our pest treatments are less harmful to your family and the environment than most of the household products you have under your sink.

We’ve gone to great lengths to find cutting edge, environmentally friendly pest control products, and have taken care to learn best practices for the safest, most effective outcomes. Going that extra mile has helped us develop healthy lawn lasting relationships. Call us to see how we can safely help protect your family from fleas and ticks.

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