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Unless you have a passion for skunks, grub control is a vital part of appropriate lawn care. Consider it a sort of insurance policy for lawn protection. Homeowners generally don’t know they have a grub problem until their grass looks unhealthy or like it’s dying. Grubs eat grass roots, destroying the beautiful lawn you’ve worked so hard to maintain. Once you have a grub problem, you also have a skunk problem, because skunks, raccoons, and moles will tear up your lawn to get to them. We’ve seen yards nearly destroyed by skunks ravaging through yards and beds. A grub control application is a wise investment, and it’s far less expensive than redoing your entire lawn. Our grub treatment program is safe for the environment, and safe around your children and pets. We will take the same care with your lawn as we would our own. Call now to set up a grub treatment. You’ll soon learn why this is one of our most popular services, and why we have enjoyed building lawn lasting relationships with customers for a quarter of a century.

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